Sunday, August 16, 2009

48 sCARS

48 scars and counting. wounded and broken down into a pulp of mush poured into a vile full of repulsiveness. Creating a wonderfully constructed down fall. The pain inflicted on the heart was cause by lies, cheating, and everything underneath the betrayel tree. the Shadow of this darkens the deepest part of the soul. Lost and dillarious, confused of whats up and whats down. left and right the love made is now out of sight.... gave it all and recieved a kick in the face How fucken rediculous can one person be? the day is black and gray, will the skies ever be blue again. 48 scars and counting....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"While you slept i looked inside your chest to see what there was growing. I saw my heart - with quiet eyes - to your side itself was gently sewing"*** These were the words I used to tell myself before going to bed. That you were my everything. I just wanna run now. How could you do that?
Pain is all i have left to feel in these times of loneliness
***Leslie Norton