Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Um... OMG?

Um, Hi. Here I am! not lost but a little confused.
I suppose I should get you updated on my shit before we get any further.
  1. single ( by choice my ex kinda sort of almost ... welll ok.. he kicked me in the face)
  2. It's been six months with out him. we occasionally send an e-mail to each other.
  3. I think I fell in love. I havn't really decided yet!
  4. Im stuck in this stupid town full of stupid people working at a stupid job.
  5. I have no life here!!!
  6. I miss my friends in P.A., C.H., and Saskatoon!
  7. I thought about running away one day. and I got cold so i turned around.
  8. I have gained exactly 30 lbs since summer.
  9. I am still shy to buy Eye Liner, and Foundation.
  10. I usually go on to my tumblr, more then any other website.
  11. I have five more mins until i have to log outta here.
  12. I'm Horny!! seriously where are the gay guys here .... ahhem, I mean attractive gay guys!!!!!!
  13. I have no intrest in anything right now
  14. I started playing piano twice a week
  15. I am taking Biology
  16. I am going to apply for dental school.
  17. I could go smoke a joint right about now.
  18. Im going to get a tattoo this year!!
  19. lose that 30lbs.
  20. *sigh* I have to move again this year.
  21. I tried an alternative to eHarmony and wasn't satisfied.
  22. I'm Lonely most of the time
  23. Sad
  24. Hurt
  25. Angry
  26. Moderately Happy somedays
  27. and I have to go now. my bitching ends here