Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2: Nicknames.

:/ well I have been known by the following:
  • Gabe ( almost everyone )
  • Gabe Be ( (friends from Sasktoon)
  • Gabby (My ex)
  • Gap pun yum ( mostly elders and those that speak cree)
  • Giprreeelle ( my uncle)
  • Gaby Baby(saskatoon)
  • Gabrielle( people trying to say my name fancy like)
  • Gap pree un(momma)
Those are the plays on my name, next:
  • Lynx (My brother still calls me this today)
  • Otch ( like butch without the B and friends from the bush)
  • and Flynn (to random for anyone in present circumstances and even in recent ones to understand)
I am pretty sure that's it.

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